Flexiforce Prototyping Kit. FLEXPK1

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FlexiForce prototyping kit, includes (1) Arduino Nano [with LED, battery clip & 9V battery], (3) analogue circuit modules, (2) FlexiForce A201 Sensors [1lbf & 25lbf], (1) Software, and (1) USB Cable.

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The new and improved replacement for the OEM Development Kit. The FlexiForce™ Prototyping Kit allows you to efficiently progress your FlexiForce-embedded design through advanced integration phases.

Note: The FlexiForce Prototyping Kit includes an open-source software program designed specificially to help with the sensor integration process. Some code programming experience is necessary. 

The FlexiForce™ Prototyping Kit allows engineers and designers the freedom to plug their preferred circuit module(s), easily make sensitivity adjustments, and gain confidence in how a FlexiForce sensor will behave in their prototype.

The open-source nature of this kit makes for a more efficient progression to field-testing and the final embedded design.


The FlexiForce Prototyping Kit Contains:

  • (1) FlexiForce prototyping board
    • Programmable reference voltage (sensitivity adjustment)
    • Arduino nano chip
    • 9-volt battery connector
  • (3) Interchangeable analog circuit modules
    • Voltage divider, inverting op-amp, and non-inverting op-amp
  • (2) FlexiForce sensors*
  • (1) Quickstart guide
  • Open-source software

Features and Benefits



  • The small and affordable kit saves engineers and designers the effort of building circuitry and other components for their FlexiForce-embedded proof-of-concept or prototype.
  • Interchangeable analog circuit modules allows users to test the functionality of their FlexiForce sensors with ease.
  • Open-source software interface allows users to control loading, record sensor data, adjust sensitivity, and calibrate the sensor.
  • Sensitivity adjustment made programable via reference voltage. An on-board jumper easily selects the applied voltage.
  • Resistor/capacitor values easy to swap out.
  • Test FlexiForce sensors with the same methods used by Tekscan application engineers.
    • Be more confident in FlexiForce sensor performance in your proof-of-concept and prototype.
  • See instant feedback of sensor performance under different loading actuators and interfacing materials.

Data Sheet

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